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Food and Restaurants

A visit to Gallipoli cannot be considered complete without tasting at least these two local delicacies:

- the famous fish soup, a tasty mixture of a fisherman’s daily catch, containing not only the usual fish but also grouper and succulent white fish.

- the scapece, just for brave palates: they are layers of fried fish, marinated in saffron and vinegar and conserved in characteristic wooden vats.

Don’t forget to taste also the various pittule (mix of water and flour) with stockfish, sepia and cauliflower, and try as dessert pustraddhuzzi, pittedde, paticciotti and much more!

Don’t ignore then the special dishes of meat: turchinieddri (lambs’ entrails) and purpette (meat-balls) combined with vegetables and legumes in an appetizing way!

Accompany everything with a glass of wine. Negroamaro, Malvasia, Primitivo and many other special Vineyard characterize the wine production of Salento, with original and colour