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In according to the art. 13 of the D.Lgs. 30.06.2003 nr. 196

1. processing of personal data:
personal data are processed within the normal activity of the firm, for the following purposes:
a) the fulfilment of the management of the stay by the hotel and the execution of the duties according to regulations, provisions of the European Community or the Authority of control.
b) the development of the firm, for whose activities the user can express or not the consent:
- to send to the customer any information or advertisement regarding products and/or facilities;
- to verify the customer satisfaction about products and facilities supplied also through market research of third firms.
2. Modality of the processing
Personal data will be processed through manual, electronic, data processing and telecom instruments, through tightly connected logics with the above-mentioned purposes and will be memorized either on data processing or paper.
3. Conferring of personal data
Apart the individual autonomy of the user, the conferring of personal data can be:
a) Obligatory according to law, regulations or community provisions.
b) Tightly necessary to the final conclusion of new relations between the Society and the customer or the management and execution of the already existing juridical relations;
c) Optional for the development regarding the point 1, letter b) (mailing for information, advertisement etc…)
4. Consequences of data’s rejection:
if case of one or more missing obligatory data requested in point 3 a) and b), the user can’t benefit of products/services requested by the firm.
No consequence in case of missing data for the purposes in the point 1, letter c) (mailing for information, advertisement etc…)
5. People to whom could be communicated the personal data
Personal data concerning to the present processing can be communicated to:
a) Advisers out of society that take care of fiscal, accounting, administrative and bussiness aspects;
b) Subjects of credit sector: banks, holding companies, societies against fraud, for credit recovery and the surveying of credit risks and insonvency;
c) Lawyers and experts;
d) Any people whose communication is necessary for execution of contractual obligations between the firm and the customer;
d) Public administrations and bodies, whose comunication is obligatory for law, regulations or community provisions.
6. Diffusion of data
Personal data will not be diffused
7. Transfers of data abroad
Personal data will not be transferred abroad
8. Rights of the user
The rights of the user are those confirmed by the art. 7 of D. Lgs 30.06.2003 nr. 196.
In particular the user has the right:
- To have aknowledge of his personal data and how they will be handled anytime
- To make them update, integrate, modify or cancel
- To ask for the block of those personal data in violation of a law
- To oppose to their processing for legal reasons, as pertinent to the data collection
The user has to write to the holder of the above mentioned processing to the following adress: “GAMI SRL, VIA MODIGLIANI 32/A, 73046 MATINO (LE), VAT 03911860751” to execute these rights
9. Holder in charge of the processing
the holder of the processing of personal data is GAMI SRL, represented by the administrator pro-tempore, resident for this function in Matino (LE) – via Modigliani 32/a.
people who can have access to the user’s personal data are some employers of the Society, whose list is constantly updated and it can be simply requested without cost just writing to the adress mentioned above.