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Lecce is called also “Florence of South Italy”, thanks to its famous Baroque, in particular on the facade of Basilica di Santa Croce: it’s full of figures, symbols, fantastic faces and playful cherubs.

• Welcome to Finibus Terrae, Santa Maria di Leuca. It’s the most southern city of Apulia, here the Adriatic waters are mixed with those Ionians, under the watchful look of the big lighthouse.

Otranto and its “Dawn of the population”: the most oriental city of Italy is the first to see the sun gets up every morning. It’s famous for its Byzantine’s and Aragon’s past and for its Martyrs slaughter in 1480 by Turks. With its very elegant old town inside the castle’s walls, it’s got wonderful monuments that are symbols of the Christianity, for ex. the Cathedral and the mosaic of the XI century. To visit in its nearby: the lake of bauxite, the lighthouse of Palacia and Alimini lakes, with the protected area Costa Otranto - S. Maria di Leuca – BoscoTricase.

Galatina is a nice art city. You have to visit especially Basilica of Sainte Catherine from Alessandria, a national monument that represents the perfect fusion between Gothic and Romanic style. From here you’ll enter into the very original old centre, rich of courts and refined palaces dated from XVIII century.

Maglie is an elegant village of Salento with a lively old town. It’s testimony of prehistoric mysteries dated from the Ice Age; in fact, many dolmen and menhir distributed in its surroundings are still a mystery for their utilization and temporal collocation.

Nardò is rich of many buildings of a refined Baroque of late XVII century. It preserves in particular Palaeolithic graffiti in its caves along the coast, considered as the first artistic figurative expressions in Europe.