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History and culture

Welcome to Gallipoli and its oriental atmosphere, as its Greek’s origin indicates (“Kalé Polis”, the beautiful city). The whole little island of the old town is plenty of narrows and winding streets; it’s protected by strong low walls, which permit to have a look over the sea. We especially recommend to visit:

• the impressive Angevin-Aragon castle, at the beginning of the old town, next to the bridge. It was built one more time in the XVI century, today the fish market area is in the proximity of its moat.

• The Greek-Roman Fountain of the Seventeenth century, in the Baroque period. It’s rich of mythological and allegoric sculptures and it’s one of the most attractive construction of the city, fully renovated in 2008.

• The Church of “St. Mary of the Purity”. It’s the oldest church in Gallipoli, dated from the mid-seventeenth century. Inside, there are a number of paintings and a colourful papier-mâché statue of St. Christine, who is very venerated because she made the city free of cholera.

• The Cathedral of St. Agatha, the city’s protectress together with St. Sebastian. Rumours say, her breast was found at Punta Pizzo in a dead baby’s mouth. This building is one of the maximum examples of Baroque in Salento, with its dark rose majestic facade, made with a particular stone (carparo), and with its lots of frescos in the aisles.

• The Diocesano Museum, prepared with sacred furnishings and extraordinary masterpieces.

• More than 17 Churches, Sanctuaries and Chapels of different buildings and inspirations. They’re all living evidences of a historic sailors’ families devotion, used during traditions and local celebrations.