Being surrounded by the sea is a privilege, in climatic and scenographic terms.

Gallipoli is on a strip of land that extends into the sea, for about 6 km from the average line of the coast. The direction is to the west, the right side of the sunset.
Mother nature had fun, she painted the geography of the city of Gallipoli to obtain many advantages.To leave she mitigated the force of the winds and currents, they are often from north and south, always create a clear current, offer a side of Gallipoli that is always flat and Caribbean.Hotel 33 baroni is in the center in the thinnest part, just before the island of the historic center.

where we are

If you choose us, you will be a stone's throw from Corso Roma, in less than 5 minutes on the seventeenth-century bridge which, over the water, runs alongside the Angevin castle and connects to the ancient village. You will immediately be in the beating heart of the "Pearl of the Ionian": the historic center, always open to the nostalgic curiosities of the conservatives. (beware it is in a restricted traffic area)

The Advantages of the Location

from the center of gallipoli ...

you fall in love with Salento
You will be in the heel of Italy, Puglia, where Salento and the Itria Valley have most of the tourist attractions, the most varied and peculiar ones.

At dawn and dusk, Gallipoli is pure poetry

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Simple, start calling us at +39.0833.263227, we will recommend the easiest solution.

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