Celebrations in honor of Santa Cristina

23 Luglio
24 Luglio
25 Luglio

Gallipoli for three days falls into a particular and suggestive atmosphere. Until a few years ago on 23 July the procession with the statue of the saint took place at sea.
Also on 23 July the band spreads its notes through the streets of the city from the early hours of the morning, while around 7 pm the brotherhood of Purità prepares the procession that runs through the streets of the historic center.
The simulacrum represents the saint tied to a tree and pierced by arrows, while an Angel hands her the crown of holiness and the palm of her martyrdom.

On 23 July 1868, the first anniversary of the end of cholera in the city, the true cult of the Saint began with the first official procession in her honor.

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