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Greco-Roman fountain

Gallipoli, in addition to being a renowned seaside resort, has ancient examples of architecture such as the Greco-Roman fountain. The fountain currently stands near the Angevin castle. This fountain is famous, as for a long time it was thought to be...

Church of Purità

Built in 1664, it was an oratory of the longshoremen's guild. The façade is simply plastered, it is laterally delimited by two visible carparo pilasters which are joined at the top by a cornice on which rests a mixtilinear pediment with two lateral...


Almost entirely surrounded by the sea, it is located at the mouth of the seventeenth-century bridge that connects historic Gallipoli to the town's village, now the center, the mainland. Positioned in this way, it protected access to the city. The fi...

Gallipoli underground oil mill

The urban development of the historic center reflects that of all the coastal centers, in particular those like Gallipoli, constantly beaten by the wind and hence the need for narrow and twisted streets. Walking through these narrow alleys you will...

Cathedral of Sant'Agata

It is in the heart of the old city, one of the most important churches, solemn from a religious and artistic point of view. In the Cathedral are kept the relics in which there are the relics of some saints, among the many those of San Fausto, in the...

Civic Museum "Emanuele Barba"

A casket overflowing with ancient treasures, "hidden" among the intricate alleys of the historic center of Gallipoli. This is how the “Emanuele Barba” Civic Museum could be defined, located at number 108 in via Antonietta De Pace, surrounded by churc...

Garibaldi theater in Gallipoli

The Municipal Theater of Gallipoli was built in 1825 by the noble Bonaventura Balsamo at his own expense, he entitled it "Teatro del Giglio" in homage to the Bourbon family. Following the economic collapse of the Balsamo family, the theater was acqui...

The Week of the Culture of the Sea

The "Week of the Culture of the Sea" is a territorial, tourist and cultural marketing event organized by the Puglia & Mare Association with the Municipality of Gallipoli and, for this edition, which will take place in Gallipoli from 7 to 13 June 2021...

Celebrations in honor of Santa Cristina

Dal 23.07.2021 Al 25.07.2021

Gallipoli for three days falls into a particular and suggestive atmosphere. Until a few years ago on 23 July the procession with the statue of the saint took place at sea.Also on 23 July the band spreads its notes through the streets of the city from...

The Easter rites

Dal 07.04.2022 Al 17.04.2022

Touching, evocative and authentic, are the rites of Holy Week in Gallipoli, they give intense emotions and immerse visitors in the purity and tumult of devotion. The first act of the tragedy of Christ staged through the streets of the Beautiful City...

food and taste

Gallipoli and Salento are not only sea, sun and fun but also good food, which is why visiting this corner of the world can be a unique experience.The typical Salento cuisine is a poor cuisine, starting from the not very refined flour, for the use of...

Porto Selvaggio, the protected natural area

The coast of the watchtowers, the place of unspoiled panoramic paths ... Porto Selvaggio Park and Palude del Capitano, as well as a rocky and jagged coast, this area is made up of pine forests and testimonies of the Mediterranean scrub. The park cov...

Punta Pizzo island of Sant 'Andrea

The natural park south of Gallipoli, the whitest sand that marries the scrub of Salento. The Island of Sant’Andrea in the Punta Pizzo Park is home to the only nesting colony of the Corsican seagull along the entire Adriatic and Ionian side of Italy....

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