Salento craftsmanship

Salento magical land! here you can meet and shake the magical hands of the artisans who, with skill, create masterpieces in Lecce stone, papier-mâché, terracotta and other materials. The craftsmanship of Salento meets various creative flair, the first place on the podium is papier-mâché, a poor processing technique but to which a museum has been dedicated inside the Carlo V Castle in the city of Lecce. The museum is populated with nearly 100 works by local and non-local artists. Alongside this production are the Lecce stone, or "leccisu", which in this case meets the architecture, in fact, many of the main monuments of the Salento capital have their facades sprinkled with this magical dust and illuminate them. Terracotta also dates back to prehistoric times, this material was widespread in areas where it was possible to extract the clay with which vases and containers of various shapes left rough are modeled.

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