Porto Selvaggio, the protected natural area north of Gallipoli

The coast of the watchtowers, the place of unspoiled panoramic paths ... Porto Selvaggio Park and Palude del Capitano, as well as a rocky and jagged coast, this area is made up of pine forests and testimonies of the Mediterranean scrub.

The park covers an area of ​​1122 hectares, of which about 300 are pine trees. The coast is about 7 kilometers long, both high and low. The area until the early 1950s was a bare and stony expanse. The State Forestry Corps then started a reforestation work that affected an area of ​​about 300 hectares, through a vast forest of Aleppo pines which is now well established and developed. The limits of the park are two important towers: Torre dell'Alto and Torre Uluzzu. The landscape is made up of both outcropping rocks that sink into the sea, and freshwater springs.

A few meters from the coast you can also visit the Palude del Capitano where the karst phenomenon has given rise to the "spunnulate", or caves whose vault has collapsed, forming lakes of brackish water. All to admire are, moreover, the delightful pebble beach in the bay of Porto Selvaggio, crowded summer destination with bathers, and the submerged caves.



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